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 Ryan's GM Application

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PostSubject: Ryan's GM Application   Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:00 pm

1. Name:


2. In Game Name.


3. Age:


4. Time Zone and how much time you are willing to dedicate to this server?

My time zone is EST (Canada), The time i will spend on this server will most likely be after school which ends at 2:30 and takes me 30 minutes to get home which is like 3:00 - 3:10 i will go an every days as soon as possible

5. Biography about yourself.

So my name's Ryan i live in Canada,Ontario im half Vietnamese and half Chinese(; im 14 years old i like to play basketball,soccer,football,volleyball,hockey and obviously like to play Maplestory Private Servers,im about 5'4 im a freshmen at E.C.S.S

6. Experience on the server/community?

Server is not up yet

7. Why do you want to be on the staff?

i wan't to be a staff because im a fun,active,friendly,responsible person i was also a GM in other server(s) i will also help players that are having trouble with the server for example when they don't know how to buy equips,get NX,where to train and what npc's do if they are having trouble with them etc.

8. Experience on other servers as a staff member?

My Experience's being a GM on other server's are pretty hard with all the people using @callgm for help so i was having trouble because there was atleast more than 20 people using that command so i rushed through as fast as i could to help them some was easy some was hard but i toke the challenge it was fun helping them too it was challenging to.

9. How would you handle rule breakers and hackers?

i would give them 3 warnings if they do not listen i will jail them for 10 minutes if they still don't listen i will ban them.

10. Anything else you'll like to say?

Well i will be serious about being a gm i like to talk with other players socialize have fun and learn more about other people im friendly to others so don't be scared to ask me anything lol! so feel free too.

11. Contact Info?

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Ryan's GM Application
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