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 Forum And Game Rules

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PostSubject: Forum And Game Rules   Forum And Game Rules Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 10:33 pm

I. Introduction
Welcome to ProKidMs forums. By registering for an account, you have agreed to follow these rules and regulations. The rules are for the benefit of users and to keep members safe, it is meant to keep the Kids community a safe environment for all. Please enjoy the server and anything we have to offer.

II. Information (Staff)
Administrators and Moderators And Gm's have the power to:

-Delete, move, change any topic or posts where it seems fit to benefit the server.
-Ban any members who break the rules, given evidence and proof.
-Apply consequences and deal with any spammers, flamers, or any innapropiate behavior or language.


-Must follow any and all player rules.
-Have all the powers above and any other given.
-The powers above given the the Mod are directed towards non-admin players.
-Moderators do NOT have the power/permission to go against administrators.

> Misuse of Power
Any moderator who misuse their power (give special priveleges or benefits to certain players, or bend any of the player rules) will be dealt with as any other person. Misuse of power will mean ban from forums for a given amount of time and possibly as well as the server. This consequences for misuse of power shall be determined by the Administrators of this website. Moderators who quit should notify the admin.

III. Information (Registered Users)

-No Double Posting
-No Posting in the Wrong Section/Off topic
-No Spamming/Flaming/Trolling
-No Unnecessary Drama
-Respect Any and All Members
-No Adult Links/Pictures
-English Speakers ONLY
-No Advertising of Other Servers
-Be Neat and Professional

IV. Posting Specifications

-Topics should be more than 3 sentences long, replies need to be more than 1. Not required, but appreciated.
-Signatures must not contain any profanity, pornography, or advertisement of any other servers.

Have a fun and enjoyable stay. Remember to follow the rules!
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Forum And Game Rules
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