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 Game Master Application Format.

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Game Master Application Format. Empty
PostSubject: Game Master Application Format.   Game Master Application Format. Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 10:39 pm

[GM Application Format]
Before we begin, expect strict rejection. Our Staff Team is sick and tired of
the ones who doesn't put any effort into the Application. Actually look over your application and use your brain.
Ask a question to your self if you're qualified and good enough to get accepted.


1. Do NOT ask GMs/Admins to read your application. Staff will read the application whenever they have the time.
2. Maturity, Responsibility, Trustworthy, Eligible, Active, Supportive, and Patience is what we look for.
3. Staff members must know you.(Talking to them is not the definition of 'knowing' them.)
4. You must get along with all the GMs
4. If you get banned/jailed, your application will automatically be denied.
5. You must be the age of 13+
6. You must have decent typing skills and fluent English. We do not enjoy reading application with grammar and spelling issues. Refrain your English as best as you can.


1. 5+ Posts on forum not including these following sections in Entertainment : Forum Entertainments, Debate.
2. Must have played 5 days or more.
3. Be creative! Add colors and be humorous(Note: This will BOOST up the percentage of getting accepted. Trust me.)
4. MUST BE DESCRIPTIVE. (Note: Hell, I puke up blood when I see Applications with 1 - 2 sentences on each question. Please, please be descriptive, and put ALOT of information. That shows you CARE about our server and the application. If you're not going to put effort, then don't even bother showing your face in this section.)

-Failure to accept these terms will result in automatic rejection.
-If you think you don't follow at least half the requirements/rules, might as well get the application thoughts off your mind 'till you get it right.

Use this format to apply for a Game Master position.

1. Name.
2. In Game Name.
3. Age.
4. Time Zone and how much time you are willing to dedicate to this server?
5. Biography about yourself.
6. Experience on the server/community?
7. Why do you want to be on the staff?
8. Experience on other servers as a staff member?
9. How would you handle rule breakers and hackers?
10. Anything else you'll like to say?
11. Contact Info?

Please if you Put in a E-mail Or a Website you will not be able to unless you do the Following
1. You Could Put A Dot (.)
2. You May Do @ (@)Hotmail (.) com

If you are applying, don't expect it to be an easy job.

Once your application is accept, you will be a temp-GM for 3 days
In the 3 days if you get 3 REASONABLE complains from player, and what they say is the truth,
you will be instantly fired. After the 3 days, Players will vote for your job as a GM,
and the finally decision goes to the Owners.
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Game Master Application Format.
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